Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ha-hardcore: Cramming Simple Joys in Life's Most Difficult Spaces

* Over the past few weeks the word, ha-hardcore, has been used with much frequency. "Ha-hardcore ba tayo?" "Parang gusto ko humardcore ngayon." "Ang hardcore naman tol." "Ka-hardcore-an." These are some of the phrases that I've heard, all of them I hear from my friends at the cafe. When we say we want to do something hardcore, it basically means that we want to do something fun...after work...after a long day's work. But most of the time, to put it frankly, it's eating a Monster Meal Deal at Shakey's and going home in the morning.

* It amazes me that, nowadays, to have fun is already hardcore. Maybe because fun is becoming an expensive commodity or an elusive dream. And yet there is a surplus of fun in the world. But there aren't too many people who are willing to avail it without hesitation. Maybe it has become a last priority or a final destination (ugh, that phrase reminds me of something else). Maybe it has become a finish line rather than a stop over. In my personal opinion, I think having fun should be more like the latter. Every now and then everybody needs to go to Tagaytay in the wee hours of the morning, wear a hoodie, and eat ice cream in the sidewalk outside of the local 7-11. We should take things in stride and make time to free one's self from the ubiquity of constant demands and structured commands. When all else fails, Have a Kit-Kat.

* Okay, so much for this week's reflection! January's almost over, how time flies, sometimes you hate it because you're becoming older sometimes you like it because you want this day to be over. But before anything else, I would like to invite you guys to our Beatles Tribute Night this Saturday, January 29. Check out the details by clicking this link:

* I would like to thank DevCom students, Gelo Arboleda and Dana Dayrit, for inviting me over at the DZLB studio for a couple of UStream appearances. Yesterday we tackled the concept of Sacrifice and this afternoon we talked about the cafe as a gimik place. It's my first time there, I hope you guys get a good grade, you both did well!

* Special shout out to our staff and friends who made the Beatles Preview Night possible last Saturday. It was faaaar out and waaay hardcore. I'm always thankful for these moments we spend together when we get the chance to be our own crazy selves. Let's get ready for January 29.

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