Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Live in Two Worlds That Intersect at an LB Square

* The three epic gigs we had last month generated a musical high in me. Actually, it sparked a flame of inspiration in all of us at the cafe. That's because we discovered that we enjoyed preparing a good show for Cafe Antonio Sessions. Read about my Saturday realizations and revelations at our Cafe Antonio Sessions Webzine at 

* We're music fans and musicians at heart but we're baristas by profession. We should not forget that and that's why this week, our focus suddenly shifted to our first coffee industry-related activity on a Saturday. Finally! Puro kayo tugtog e, haha! We've been training our five new baristas this week for our first ever Intra-Branch Barista Competition on Saturday, February 5. Since Monday, we've undergone intensive barista training complete with shouting, shadowboxing, party music-ing, equipment shopping, product testing, and video reviewing. As a member of the organization, Pinoy Barista, we want to uphold our profession by sharpening our skills and exploiting our creativity, forcing our brains to come up with new flavor combinations and pushing our physical capabilities to the limit by preparing espressos and cappuccinos with speed and accuracy. 

* I'm proud of our baristas because I'm seeing that they're giving their 100 percent for Saturday. They've spent a lot of money for their equipment and ingredients and they've also given much time for research and practice. All of this makes me miss the barista competitions we participated in last year. It's like a concert or an epic gig for coffee geeks, it's very heart-pounding and exciting!

* The participating baristas on Saturday are: Francis "Khitz" Contemplacion, Ian Soliven, Jegar delos Reyes, Margret Bonita, and Joyceann Damian. 

* You can watch the contest on Saturday at 10 am. Photographers are welcome! It's not everyday that you see a barista competition in Los Banos! For most of us, the coffee barista scene is a fairly new concept. It's like the indie rock version of Iron Chef.

* I would like to say thanks to all the people who helped make The Beatles Tribute Night a rocking success last Saturday! It was overwhelming indeed! Visit our YouTube Channel ( for the videos of all the performances. View awesome gig photos at our Facebook page, Cafe Antonio Sessions, or our Webzine ( Thanks for supporting the Los Banos Indie Music Scene!

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