Friday, February 25, 2011

My Life is Preventing Me From Changing My Lifestyle

* All these hardcore joyrides, work-related pressures, random life issues, and 39-Peso meatballs these past two months have finally taken a toll on my body. As most of you have read on my Facebook status yesterday, I climbed out of bed like a fat, drunk slob at 4 in the afternoon. That's very uncharacteristic for a workaholic like me. At that time, I couldn't resist the lure of my bed and my evaporative fan that was blowing high-speed artificial, nature-like breezes. It came to a point when I finally realized that I am getting old...relatively old. I'm turning 25 for crying out loud. I can still imagine myself staring at the oldness of 25 year olds when I was 18. 

* Each and everyone of us has the desire to change. Be it in diet, outlook, fashion sense, or whatever. Right now, I have this recurring desire to change my diet. I say "recurring" because every year I sacrifice something from my usual lineup of worldly intakes. In 2007, I gave up beer and anything that has alcohol. In 2008, I gave up Coke. In 2009, I gave up Sprite, rootbeer, and every softdrink there is. This year, I drink only water and juice and I have lessened my intake of sandwich cookies. Sandwich cookies for me before was like a daily pack of cigarettes. And to add to the mix of health and diet-related stuff, I have successfully incorporated morning dumbbell workouts to strengthen my healing right wrist and my still-healthy left wrist. But what's outrageous this year is my dependence on fast food chains. Oh convenience, why do we seek and desire convenience?! Especially in preparing food? I remember a few years ago, I used to cook my own food and practice my skills in the kitchen. The fast food diet is killing me man!

* Like everything else that involves change, food preference and healthy living will take time. But I hope not too much time, before I know it I'll be suffering from some disease. I just want to ask the surrounding culture to be supportive of our desire to change. Any healthy food shops out there that are both cheap and convenient? 

* I was reading a Healthy Options magazine this afternoon and read about taking naps. It was 1 PM and I told my crew that we should close for an hour and take a quick nap to rejuvenate us. It's funny, closing down in the middle of the day, but it worked.  We work at a coffee shop and we stay up late and wake up early. I guess some jobs simply  require and expect more of our natural abilities to survive. The bottom line is, whew, let's just make the best out of our current situations. Us yuppies are always pressed on all sides, a pack of Mr. Chips to nibble is enough for us to last the day. Anything beyond that would require a herculean effort. But maybe that's what we need...the effort of Hercules. 

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