Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have a Break, Have a Life Offline

* Over the past two weeks, ever since we had an Internet connection at Cafe Antonio Coffee Corporation's secret lair, a lot of things have opened up for us. You see, the World Wide Web and I have a beautiful on-going 16-year relationship. Laguna Internet. Eudora Mail. Netscape Communicator. Geocities. Shareware games. MIDI tracks. Remember those? We've been through a lot of "eureka moments" and "sh*t happens" over the years and that just inspires us to come up with something new every time. Which leads us to the next paragraph of this blog.

* The cafe has shown a lot of growth over the past 2 years and 11 months. From a stressed-out crew of 3 people to a hyper-dedicated staff of 8 or 10 baristas (depending on who's there) we've agreed to split into three committees and focus on different projects.

1) Cafe Committee - Led by our Operations Manager, Manong Retz, the Cafe Com is in-charge of daily operations at the cafe. From food and beverage development to making sure that the customers are having a good time...toime.

2) Merchandise Committee - Managed by our Ate Marisse, the Merch Com produces official Cafe Antonio Coffee Corp. collectibles and souvenirs for both our Los Banos and Dumaguete market. We also have an online shop (http://cafeantoniostore.multiply) where you can order t-shirts, tumblers, mugs, and CDs from local indie artists. I'll see you there, I'm the shopkeeper!

3) Sessions Committee - Cafe Antonio Sessions have already become a big thing and we finally decided to formalize everything so we can have a solid Los Banos indie music community with epic gigs. Starting June, we will be looking for new artists to join our roster. Our original music can also be heard online at our Soundcloud account (

* So what does the Internet have to do wth this? Well, everything, actually. Without it I can never be able to write and share this blog. Without it we can never be able to share our music or tell you guys about new stuff at the cafe. So thank you everyone for continually reading and supporting this blog and our other websites.

* Like money, the Web is a good thing when used wisely. How? We still won't put WiFi at the cafe! Haha!

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