Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are Elbs

* I don't know exactly why I didn't blog last week. I was online all week and I was on a roll. Maybe weekly blogging for 3 years have become more of a chore to me than a spontaneous outpour of thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I understand why I wouldn't last a year in a corporate office or in the academe. The routine drains me out. But because of my oxyMORONic personality, I also find solace in the safety of routine bubbles. When you're in that bubble it feels like every single variable in the world affecting your life will conspire to make your life safe and predictable. Students should be able to relate to this. Going to school is a large routine bubble. When I got out of that bubble I was in limbo. I was in "uuhh, what now?" mode. The freedom is FREEky. 

* I caught myself smiling every morning last week. It was weird, para akong may topak. I didn't know why I felt like dancing like the guy in 500 Days of Summer's dance number scene, the one with the cartoon bird. That was so funny. But based from twenty four years and 3 months of life experience and a billion NBA games watched on TV, the momentum can shift very easily. Momentum shifts can either be in favor of you resulting in GVs (good vibes) or against you resulting in BVs (bad vibes). In that case, the shift is called a "slump" or a drought. Or in colloquial terms, "badtrip." 

* As a firm believer of the Spice of Life, I believe that we should embrace these shifts in momentum or momentum shifts. Life's gonna be pretty bland without 'em, hence the use of the term "spice." Response to these shifts are also crucial. I still find it a little difficult to practice proper hassle-response strategies. To err is human, to curse is human. But we are not human, we are elves or Elbs because we live in ELBI. We are light on our feet, we do not sink in snow, our youth is immortal, and we have great hair. So let's pick up our bows and arrows and pierce the hearts of every BV there is.

* I wanna give major thanks to all our customers last week. The week was epic! Thanks to Sir Chico and Gelo for the One Broad Night last Friday. We're glad that we're able to share our cafe to all the DevCom students that night. Mad props to the Cafe Antonio Sessions committee and the Cafe Antonio Merchandise committee for organizing the Incubus Tribute Noight last night featuring LIME, Yield Avenue, and Codename Adobo. Thanks to all the Sessionistas who were present to support our indie music community. Long live Indie Band News and Audio Heavy Productions. We wish you more success!

* Our 3rd year anniversary on April 14 is fast approaching! After all the trials and tribulations, we thank God that we're still alive and inspired to do our work at the cafe. It's a lot of fun but it's not easy. Pray for us that God may continue nourishing our hearts, free Quaker Oats oatmeal is not enough to keep our hearts healthy! We're grateful for all your support, people. Raise the roof!

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