Friday, April 1, 2011

Early Morning Blog Fueled by a Fastbreak Combo A and a Jollibee Spag

* It's almost 4 am and yet I'm still here whacking keys on the board like there's no tomorrow. I started my day at 4 pm yesterday with no plans of leaving the apartment. Coming from an early morning Shakey's Monster Meal Deal birthday celebration, I have stored enough carbs to last me the whole day and dedicate myself to four epic writing assignments. Well, I've already finished two last night. One was an article for Indie Band News and the other was a financial report (hikbi). This blog is the third one. And there's a Word document waiting beside this web browser. 

* If you guys didn't get to watch the Incubus Tribute Noight last Saturday, then too bad. Here, experience the warmth...

* Don't worry, Incubus is coming this July 28, it's gonna be a helluvah concert. I'll sacrifice every other concert for this one.

* Summer is here and yet it's as cold as December or February. The weather is messed up. Now I can't justify my Carey Mulligan hairdo. I look like a girl. I hope I'm a pretty a girl.

* And because it's already April (what?!), our 3rd year anniversary is just waiting around the bend! Three years, wow! I already feel like I'm forty years old! The days are fast but the years are freakishly slow! I don't have a problem with that. I like it when the year is packed with events. Twists, turns, road blocks, adventure, fun, yadda, yadda.  Experience surely is the best teacher.

* If you wanna be cool on our anniversary day, wear our anniversary T-shirt! It's yellow, yellow is cool. You can order your shirts at our online store: and you can also visit our Facebook page. Just type: Cafe Antonio Merchandise.

* We also have an anniversary promo. If you get to purchase 10 Frothiccinos or flavored lattes until April 14, you'll get a free limited edition anniversary mug. Ask for a card at the counter the next time you visit the cafe.

* Cafe Antonio Sessions XIX: Originals is on April 9. We're inviting y'all to watch and listen to ELBI-core artists like Yield Avenue, LIME, Segatron, Gabes Torres, and Juniper Face the Corner. I bet all of them will be busy this weekend. Here listen to our playlist of original songs from these artists:

* I think that's about it. To all our new friends on Facebook, welcome to the family! We saw a lot of new faces from One Broad Night and the Incubus Tribute Noight. Hope you find a new home at CAnton! Thanks for the support y'all, God bless! Let's sleep and have a great day ahead!

Power Line of the Week: From Juniper Face the Corner's song, "Never Be Mine"
"Tell her you need her, like a star to the sailor staring up at the sky"

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