Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Feel Like Micro-Bloggin' Right Now!

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* I just came home from a very epic 4-hour gig last night at the cafe. We had this Originals night where we showcased nine local artists from Los Banos and Calamba performing original songs. You see, we believe that ELBI has the potential to be a local music powerhouse, we just have to showcase and communicate it properly to the outside world. We didn't expect that a lot of people would come to the gig, so we were a little "windang-gers" when people started gathering around the cafe. Finally, we made a scene!

* Anyway, our third anniversary is just around the bend...April 14 to be exact. Reflection bombs anyone? Here's one: you don't quit on something or someone you love. Take that to the bank yo!!! Good morning!

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