Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Speech and A Half

Blog Playlist:
01 Elephants as Big as Whales - PlayRadioPlay!
02 Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
03 Hear - Moonpools and Caterpillars
04 Slice - Five for Fighting
05 Always Love - Nada Surf

* Wow. This blog's been dormant for quite some time now. Here's a thought: I spend a lot of time and effort getting organized. Does that mean I'm messed up that bad? I just turned 25 years old a couple of weeks ago. Five years more I'm gonna be 30. Five years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier. It's the age when you're old enough to be young and young enough to be old. And so it's a struggle. It's a stage that lacks definition. 

* The cafe is enjoying its new crowd right now. We've made a lot of new friends since June. And after 3 years of being in the coffee business, I've finally grown to accept that people do come and go. Just like karma chameleons. We're like faculty members in a school watching students grow and go away after graduation. It's a painful cycle indeed. But that's how life is. And maybe that's why I'm mega-impressed with the people who have been loyal customers since 2008. Kudos to you guys!

* And here we are, slowly "converting" new people into CAntonnites. I don't know exactly how the cafe was able to develop its own culture but it's very flattering for us to hear people call themselves CAnton People or recognize themselves as part of the CAnton Gang. If I still had a trace of sociology left in my body I would have analyzed this. But it's gone. I'm completely academically detoxed.

* There's something in this coffee shop that I can't exactly describe. How do you tell people about the cafe online? Cafe Antonio is something you have to experience first hand. 

"Always love, hate will get you every time" - Nada Surf

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