Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is Cafe Antonio, Los Banos?

Indie music & arts cafe and espresso bar with professionally trained baristas dedicated in the science and art of coffee preparation and coffee education.

To become a prominent gourmet coffee brand in the Los Banos community while being a place well-known for its dynamism, creativity, innovativeness, youthful exuberance, and strong sense of community among its customers and clients as we serve the best possible coffee our skills and resources can offer.

1.)               To accommodate and develop not just merely customers but loyal customers who would support and sustain us even in the presence of a number of establishments that offer the same products and services.

2.)                To gain loyalty from and be the source of pride of the residents of Los Banos, specifically the UPLB community (students, alumni, employees, and affiliates).

3.)               To be an active participant in food and/or coffee industry-related activities and establish a recognizable and distinguishable coffee brand and product image. 

"Prep Hard. Play Harder. Pray Hardest."

Our Core Values

·       We acknowledge that there is a God and our success is dependent on Him.

·       We strengthen our community by helping others and developing meaningful friendships.

·       We think of others’ needs first before thinking about ourselves.

·       We believe that having fun in one’s work and in life is the key to a successful business and a satisfying life.

·       We see our purpose and direction in life through our work and through the lives of people we work with.

·       We stand firm in our choice to be DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and preserve the indie culture that sustains our integrity and sincerity in everything we do.

·       We believe that every cup that’s from the heart is a work of art.

See you on September 1 for our re-opening!

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