Sunday, September 25, 2011

Masarap Nga! Woohoo!

(L-R): Yane Bonita, Mark Fellizar, Lougee Basabas, Wats Bonita, Rick Jason Obrero
(photo by Dan Sta. Romana)

* We're still recovering from last Saturday's gig. Delara, Aspen Way, and Yield Avenue rocked the house down and there was a legion of ELBI people in LB Square. It was a majestic sight to be seen. Oh my. Thanks to our friend, Khat Trinidad, for organizing the event. One mega-apir for you!

* We have a bunch of activities for you this week and for next month. The PAK PAK POOM contest just ended and we hope we could launch it again some time in late October. But the combo meal is still available, you can order it for Php 300 pesos. Appetite Magazine was in the house last Saturday to photograph the epic meal, hope to see it on its November issue!

* We have this new series called The Born to Brew Series. It's kinda like Cafe Antonio Sessions but it's the "coffee version". Instead of bands and artists, we would be inviting baristas and people from the coffee industry to talk about their coffee experiences. The first episode is on October 6 featuring Vanessa Caceres, grand champion and finalist of many barista competitions here in the Philippines. Fifty bucks gets you in plus you get a free brewed coffee. So for those who would like to become a barista or get into the coffee shop business, this series is for you! 

* Our Facebook page is on fire. Thanks to my new admins who's been working online when I'm at the cafe. Get updated about our new food and drinks and check our pages regularly. 

* I would like to give kudos to our CAntoneers, the CAnton Volunteers! You've been a very big help to us. See you this week!

* It's getting late and I've just finished some afis wurk. I have to be at the cafe at 7 am. I have to prepare drinks for an SP presentation.

* And yes, FROTHICCINO TO THE DEATH! It's our new promo, unlimited Frothiccinos (mocha, white chocolate, caramel, and strawberry) for only 200 pesos! Checkout our Facebook account and/or page for more details!

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