Sunday, September 18, 2011


 PAK PAK POOM Participants 
(From left to right: Ogie Frio, Juni Frio, Arwyn Rubio)

* I know I haven't been blogging for the cafe for almost a month now. That's because I work 6 days a week again at the cafe as manager/barista/busboy. Just like the good 'ol days in early 2008.  I'm still adjusting to my schedule but I'll try my best to revive this blog that will be turning 4 years old next year on March 15. 

* So what have we been up to lately? A lot! Last night we had two events happening at the same. We had the PAK PAK POOM! Late Breakfast Chow Down and Cafe Antonio Sessions XXVI featuring The Sunday Brew, Juniper Face the Corner, and Riki. The cafe felt so alive that night. You didn't know what to watch! For the first time, our customers really had actual options regarding what to do. And there was also a photo exhibit by the UP Photographers' Society. It was a food, music, and arts mini-fest!

* What is the PAK PAK POOM? The name of the contest was actually inspired by Manny Pacquiao's practice sessions, when he would say "PAK PAK PAK" when practicing his jabs. It's actually a "jab-jab-hook" combo. The first "pak" is the meal of Spam & Eggs, Toast, Bacon, and a Waffle. The next "pak" is a dessert of French Toast with peaches and/or mangoes. The "poom" or what we would like to call "the clincher" is the 16 oz Mocha Frothiccino featuring a shot of Cafe Antonio's espresso. Last night, two big boys finished the challenge. The first one to accomplish the feat was Ogie Frio (bassist of Pathway) with a time of 4 minutes and 55 seconds. The second one to conquer the combo meal was Arwyn "Wyn Radio" Rubio with a time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the best time so far. Other contestants who attempted to win a t-shirt and get a free meal were Juni Frio (vocalist of Pathway and younger brother of Ogie), Ara Bagunu, Jing Fresnoza, Herbert Osio Jr., and CAnton's Senior Barista, Ian Soliven. Ian was the first to attempt the challenge when we had our time trials. The contest was originally set at 10 mins but we figured that it was too long. Ian finished in 6 minutes and 30 seconds making him the first and last winner of the 10-minute challenge. Herbert, upon seeing the time trial, was the first to attempt the 5-minute challenge. Lenard Gabriel served as our official time-keeper in last night's challenge. My brothers-in-law Herbert and Mark Fellizar helped our crew in the kitchen and the bar.

* This week will be the official start of the PAK PAK POOM Late Breakfast Chow Down. See our Facebook page for more details or text us (0906-455-0522) ahead so we can prepare your MvF-inspired monster meal.

* We would like to invite you to watch on Saturday for Cafe Antonio Sessions XXVII. The gig will feature DeLara, one of the hottest indie bands right now featuring former members of pop-rock band Mojofly. Indie bands Aspen Way and ELBI's very own, Yield Avenue, will open the night. Special thanks to our friend, Khat Trinidad, and Ali Alejandro of DeLara for organizing the event. We hope to see you all on the 24th! ADMISSION IS FREE!

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