Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the FoM to the ToD

* In the tradition of our now defunct seasonal dessert beverage line, the FoM (Flavor of the Month), we are introducing the ToD or Trippings of the Day. This is a more dynamic and erratic version of the FoM where we get to serve spur-of-the-moment hot and cold beverages whenever we want to. We have a small blackboard at the upper-left side of our main menu where we will write our ToD. Today's ToD is the Amaretto Latte.
* We won't be able to come up with new ToDs everyday. One ToD can last for a week or until supplies last. We will make ToDs when we're inspired and/or bored or  when we acquire a new coffee gadget, or have watched something cool on YouTube. It depends. So watch out for it! We'll announce it here on our blog and on Facebook every time we come up with something.

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