Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Coffee from Luca & Tosh Coffee Lab

* Last week we introduced a couple of our new single origin (SO) specialty coffee offerings: Ethiopia and Guatemala. These beans were roasted by our friend, Jaycee Martinez, owner, barista, and roaster or Luca and Tosh Coffee Lab in Subic. We are very pleased that we can now share with you these excellent coffees. Back in LB Square, Jaycee conducted a cupping session featuring a variety of SOs during our Born to Brew series with barista, Vanessa Caceres and coffee expert, May Juan.  After the event I gave away free cups of coffee to our customers and explained to them the differences of the coffee from the different regions. 

* Our SOs are only available for pour-over* (see photo below) brewed coffee and not for espresso like our coffee blends (Owltonio, Sleepy Time, and Hardcore). We recommend that you shouldn't put sugar and/or creamer when you order our SOs. It is important that you appreciate first the subtle and unique aromas and flavors of the coffee itself.

*pour-over coffee
Here's an example of pour-over brewed coffee. See related article:

* Our barista, Elmer Umali and I cupped the first batch of beans last Tuesday. Upon opening the first bag of the beans from Ethiopia, we noticed that the dry fragrance had a baked bread-like smell with hints of floral and fruits. When brewed, the wet aroma gave off a kind of lemony-green tea taste. When one tastes a cup of Ethiopia, the initial reaction is that it tastes like tea. That's exactly what we tasted. There were lemony, zesty hints in a green tea-like flavor with a chocolaty aftertaste. It definitely is a new experience for the average coffee drinker or a veteran Cafe Antonio coffee drinker who is used to tasting full-bodied Owltonio Blend coffee. 

* As for the coffee from Guatemala, the dry fragrance reminded me of a spice that I actually can't identify to a somewhat black peppery smell. I don't know the explanation behind that, but it sure is interesting to know why. When we tasted it, hints of nuts and cocoa played around the palate. This coffee seems to be more balanced and tastes more like the classic coffee we know. 

* Anyway, the Guatemala is out of stock. And there are only a few scoops of Ethiopia left. I'll be going to the opening of Jaycee's new Brew Room in Makati this Saturday to sample other SO coffees. And maybe we can find something people in Elbi would like. Stay tuned, our coffee journey continues...

* If ever you and your family are in Subic, be sure to visit Luca and Tosh Coffee Lab near Pure Gold. They have a lot of interesting stuff there and you will definitely get caffeinated!

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