Monday, January 6, 2014

Of Wedding Marches and Health Walks

For the past few years, I realized that I didn't need to become a photographer or a musician to get into events or gigs. All I had to do...was brew. My team and I at Coffee Unplugged are "manual coffee brewers." And being a manual coffee brewer opened a lot of opportunities for us. So far, the highlight of our young manual coffee brewing career is to serve coffee at our general manager's wedding.

Newlywed couple, Edu and Marisse Foronda at the reception  (Photo by Melissa Rodriguez)

The Coffee Unplugged team (L-R): Jason (brewer), Elmer (brewer), Herbert and Jethy (grinder),
and Jabez (hot water).
* Nothing beats starting the year on a positive note like a wedding--the celebration of the union of a man and woman who love each other very much. And this is not just any wedding, this is our Ate Marisse's wedding! For those of you who don't know Ate Marisse, she is our general manager and chef since she formally joined the company in 2012 (she has been our baker since 2008). She's now married to her boyfriend of 13 years, Edu Foronda. 

* Of course the wedding wouldn't be a complete "Cafe Antonio Wedding Experience" without Coffee Unplugged...and beef lengua! Like true professionals, the Coffee Unplugged team stood behind their respective stations and brewed cups of coffee first before sitting down to join the other guests for the brunch. The kitchen crew also did a great job preparing the beef lengua early in the morning for the wedding!

* So congratulations Ate Marisse and Edu, I'm sure you guys are excited to experience the married life. 

Photo by Anna Cadiz

In Other News...

* This year, I will be spending more time in the garden during the day. That's because I'll be busy growing herbs and vegetables for the cafe and "The Paleng-Cafe"--our elusive organic produce section inside the cafe (Owl's Nest room). Yes, I'm now a full-time gardener. But I'll be at the cafe in the evening hiding inside the office. Elmer the barista is now our bar manager and he will attend to your coffee brewing needs. 

* Also this year, we're partnering with several healthy food shops and fitness and wellness centers around Los Banos to form what we call, The Health Walk: A Healthy Lifestyle Adventure. This is an advocacy campaign  and movement to encourage locals to live a healthy lifestyle and to patronize local products and services. The campaign will also help promote Elbi as a healthy lifestyle destination for tourists. As of now, "Health Walk Destinations" include restaurants and cafes such as, Ashoka Indian Healthy Cuisine, Satya Graha, Kaphe, Cafe Antonio, and Herb Republic; and fitness and wellness centers such as Red Gloves, Banahaw Heals Spa, and Living Life Well. Local organic products brand, Makiling Hillside Delicacies is also a partner. The campaign is supported by several groups such as Ato Belen's Farm, Good Food Community, Bayani Brew, and our respective suppliers. 

My friend and I embarked on a DIY "Health Walk" itinerary.
* It's going to be a very busy 2014 for us and we hope that everyone will have a great time at the cafe this year.

And oh, I'll be removing the Christmas decor this week.

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