Saturday, January 18, 2014

From Emotional to Informative: The Evolution from a Blog to a Website

* I started this blog in 2008 as a way to share our experiences as young entrepreneurs to our customers. I would blog daily, telling stories about what transpired during the day, what we ate for lunch, and first time experiences such as a leaking ceiling, tornadoes, and other mundane and often whimsical stuff. 

* As stress from physical blue-collar work took its toll, I found myself blogging weekly instead of daily. I wrote about road trips, crossword puzzles, costume parties, and having a good time. My friends and I were having a blast and we wanted the world to know that having a cafe of your own is the coolest thing ever.

* Sometimes I would write about more serious topics such as growing up, quarter-life crisis, money matters, and finding a career. I tend to be very emotional in my blogs and I noticed that reading my blogs is as close as it gets to having a conversation with me.

* As time went by, life experiences just poured in like a heavy rain. I realized that I no longer had the energy or the time to write about our experiences at the cafe. The MS Excel spreadsheet already replaced the blog. This was the beginning of its transformation. Ever since our blog counter mysteriously restarted (it was close to 80,000 views), I became a little depressed and just posted blog entries only when I feel like writing anything. 

* As the cafe evolved from an energetic student and artists' hub to a quaint and cozy family restaurant with hints of eccentricities from the past, the blog started acting its age with menu announcements and catering packages. 

* For inquiries and reservations, please call or text 0906-455-0522 or e-mail us at Thank you! :)

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