Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8

The Bookshelf Cassette (L-R: Jabez, Bessy, Eric)

* Remember in my past blogs when I was writing about being safe in the arms of routine and all that stuff? Well, we were certainly rocked when Typhoon Santi hit Elbi. Ondoy was also a big hassle. But what made Santi more memorable was it showered my room--the command center of Cafe Antonio-Los Banos. All the magic happens there, that's my laboratory, my music studio, my art studio, and my history museum. That's when I found out how vulnerable I was and how dependent I was on my stuff.

* I tried to stay cool and composed, I didn't get mad but I was certainly panicking deep inside. Good thing, aside from being a control and neat freak, ironically, I also like nomadic adventures and Bohemian values, weird. It's like switching between two modes.

* Last night I was surfing the net at Infobucks because Koinonia was closed. For two days we spent the night at my sister's house at the IRRI Staff housing. I had three bags, one for clothes, one for gadgets, and my usual backpack of notebooks, books, and mobile phone chargers. I had pillows, a blanket, and Bishan the White Tiger in my MultiCab. I was relishing the moment, I remember the days when I was a kid when we would experience horrendous floods at Jordanville in Quezon City. Our life was a life of cleaning up stuff, packing things in to boxes and moving from house to house. My family has moved a total of 21 times, I was there in 3 or 4.

* Maybe I just got fed up with all the running and cleaning. And I never thought my stuff would get wet again. I said to myself that what happened to us was just okay and it's a good thing that nobody got hurt. It's also a good thing that the cafe didn't get wet inside.

* This week we're facing a lot of cleanup, especially for my part because I have a lot of stuff packed in my room. The MultiCab also needs to take a bath. That's life, it gets messed up, we clean it up, make the best out of it and then get ready for the next big thing. Too much good will make you miss the bad and vice versa.

* Cafe NEWS! Our 100% Benguet Arabica Beans are now available in 500 gram bags for 500 pesos. That's double the amount of our House Blend beans. We decided to be the first shop here in Elbi to sell 100% Arabica beans. And it's from Benguet, we thought it would be a good way to support local coffee.

* FoMs! The Christmas Season offers 3 FoMs every year. The Choco Chip and the Smores Frothiccino. If you're having trouble deciding which one to pick you can always try the combination of the two, the all-time favorite OVERLOAD! It's soooo insane, it can be served in a bowl! Try one now!

* I just came back from Dumaguete last Wednesday, you can check out our pictures at our Facebook page. See how the branch in Visayas is doing. That's all for this week, thanks for supporting us!

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