Monday, November 16, 2009

One Big Holiday

* "So what are you looking forward to this week?", my father asked the cafe crew as we ended our weekly Bible Study. I answered, "Well, the Pacquiao-Cotto fight's over, that was last week's highly anticipated event, maybe our high school batch outing this weekend is what we're looking forward to." These are, of course, non-cafe related stuff, but when you work at a cafe everyday, simple pleasures like watching a DVD is something to look forward to. Spending a day with your high school batchmates (most of them we see everyday) is another thing, and it can also be considered a highlight, but the experience is far more superior than watching a DVD.

* Two weekends of watching horror/suspense/thriller flicks was quite a handful, most of us still have hangover, reacting to bumps and creaks like little girls. But that was quite enjoyable. Like decorating the cafe until 4 AM and until 2 AM the following day. That was also a treat.

* We spent the whole afternoon talking about the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, prior to this article. We just saw Pacquiao on the cover of TIME and that gave me goosebumps. Imagine what a boxing match can do. If he lost, we would be depressed for a week or maybe a month. It's been a while since we've seen Manny lose. And we didn't know how to respond to a fallen hero. Well some of our friends don't like Pacman, yes, you can get angry at him for some reasons, but as a boxer, you should be very proud of him. He's the best in his generation, he's a Filipino, be proud and give him credit.

* We're selling Gift Certificates at the cafe this Christmas season. It says "valid until Dec. 31, 2009" but we will extend the promo period until January because we will be closed for two weeks on December starting December 23. My sister thought of the idea and Julius designed it for us. The GCs are good and cheap gift ideas if you want to treat your friends at CAnton this season.

* We had a good week last week, thanks to Gelo Arboleda's birthday bash. Plus we had a bunch of people come in. Wow, you guys still love us, hehe, we missed Showtime Fridays, the couple past of Fridays weren't that "show-timey".

* I've gotta go, my bandmate Eric's at the cafe right now and I want him to hear the songs I've wrote for our band, The Bookshelf Cassette. See you around!

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