Monday, February 8, 2010

Kanya-Kanyang Trippings Lang Yan!

* I think that was my first blog title in Tagalog. Well, that was momentous.

* Last night, a few friends came over to help us decorate the cafe for our Public Display of Art or PDA (thanks to Jenni Sumagui for the title and the concept). It's been awhile since we made kindergarten-level art projects so the experience was both nostalgic and liberating (liberating because most of us want to become artists but really can't be one because we believe we don't have the skills to be one. B1 B1 B1). We celebrated the workshop by having dinner at Burger King (thanks to my Mom!).

* The cafe was not exactly decorated for Valentine's Day. The art show is some kind of an expression of love not directed towards "someone" but to "something" instead. In Tagalog, matagal na namin gusto gawin yan, matagal ko na gusto mag-drawing ng mga hayop!" We just looked for an excuse to do it.

* There's actually no theme to the exhibit. We thought that a mash-up of different projects would look better, just like a shuffled playlist. You'll never see the big picture, you'll just fall in love with how things come into place. 

* I invited my Mom to display her quilts because she has this livelihood group called Poeima. It's her ministry to moms at our local church to help them support their families and supplement their income. Her two quilts on display have been an attraction to many of our customers today.

* On Tuesday (tomorrow night) we will be having some poetry reading from our friends and customers. It's like an open-mic style of poetry reading. You can read original compositions or all-time favorites of yours. You can bring your own background music while your read. Our default BGM will be Snow Patrol frontman's other band, The Reindeer Section.

* On Thursday, you can watch 2 films for free starting at 8 PM. The first one is Four Last Songs, the second one is Julie and Julia. Both films star Stanley Tucci (he looks like a way older version of Chris Daughtry). We chose those two films because they share a unique focus on love and passion for something, music and food respectively (two things I personally love). If you've already watched it, watch it again. There will be free butter cookies from Yummings.

* And on Saturday, the Bookshelf Cassette will have their second gig at the cafe. We'll cover songs by Bloc Party, Athlete, and An Horse. Hope you guys enjoy their music.

* This looks like a fun week. See you later! 

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