Monday, February 1, 2010

Cutting to the Chase

* Remember the "In Coat-tations" blog article? That was written about a month ago, and my, a lot of things happened after that. My "suited" soul-searching friends, Vinci and Zadl (Maangas na Saturday Crew), well, they're now Mr. Samsung Engineer, and Mr. Registered Nurse respectively.  At the start of the year, they knew that the year would and should be different and life-changing for them. And here they are now, happy as hell.We're all very proud of them. Congrats guys!

* As for me and the CAnton gang, we have our own reasons to be happy and thankful. But I wouldn't spoil the excitement by telling you guys what those reasons are. Haha! Something to look forward to this year! So just please pray for us. Thanks for believing in us these past two years, we'll be doing our best to serve you, the people of Elbi--the best place on Earth.

* Today's the start of our price increase. Plus five pesos to all food and drinks, Php 10 to Special Frothiccinos and FoMs. This was inevitable. We tried our best to keep our prices down even though our rent went up by 10% this year. The turning point, however, was the price increase from our sauce and syrup supplier. It gave us the "let's-give-up-the-75-peso-Frothiccino-image" go signal. Proceeds will go to the overall improvement of the overall improvement of the cafe.

* This month's FoM: White Strawberry Frothiccino! It's one of the toughest to make. It has vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, wafer sticks, and the works in a 20-oz glass. Very ideal to share with a friend, or a date, or a friendly date. Only Php 170.

* I've yet to come up with a Valentines Promo. My sister, Grace, and CAnton tambay, Mike, suggested many combo packages and discount promos earlier this evening. I've yet to process any of their suggestions. I'm thinking of something that wouldn't be too cheesy. Like, if you kiss Neil Rebua, you'll get the drink for free. Stuff like that. This promo thing needs a day's worth of thinking. I'll be thinking about that in my sleep.

* Next week, my friends, Jenni and Bessy, and I are going to have the best art show in the universe! It's not exactly the kind of art show you would expect. It's just an exhibit of some stuff we made in our free time that's not related at all to Valentines Day. There would be a movie night, poetry reading, and a gig by The Bookshelf Cassette. Free coffee and pinwheels will be given away. Stuff like that. Admission is free. Activities  will push through even if no one comes.

* That's it for the first week of February. Study for your exams this week and enjoy the Feb Fair next week! See y'all!

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