Monday, January 25, 2010

Notice to the Public

* Starting next month (February), we will be increasing the prices of our food and drink items. This is due to the sudden price increase of syrups, sauces, and other ingredients from our supplier. We are also doing this to serve you better this year (kindat, kindat). 

* Only Php 5.00 will be added to all food and drink items. Php 10.00 will be added to Specialty Drinks and FoMs (see the complete Menu at

* Since the arrival of our Frothiccino glasses and paper cups, we have really been serving you 20 ounce drinks, and not 16 ounce drinks (as it is written on the cup). So you are still getting value for your money when you buy an 80-Peso, 20 oz. Frothiccino.

* We really tried our best these past two years to maintain our insanely low prices. But times do change and the price increase of our sauces and syrups signaled our next step towards improvement. We hope you understand. Thank you very much.


* On Wednesday, we will be having our first catering gig at Brent-IRRI. My nephew, Jethro, will be having a second birthday party at the school. The staff and I will be serving Blue Crush while Yummings Pastry Shop will be distributing their cupcakes. 

* If you want Cafe Antonio and Yummings to cater your event, just contact us at this number: 0917-3406945.

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