Monday, February 22, 2010

When Your Work Starts to Look Like Your Life and the Other Way Around

* A common scenario is you wake up in the morning then go to work, endure the 8 hours, go home, do what you want then sleep. It's like going to school. It's a lovable pattern, it's a workable time frame. And it's different, something that we, the Canton staff, are not doing. 

* Most of us wake up at 2 pm then go to work at 2:45. We prepare for an hour and open at 4. We endure the 9 hours then we go home the next day and do what we want when everybody else is asleep. That's just how we are.

* It got me thinking. I don't actually just endure the work, I enjoy it. Some people might say, "this is my life!" BUT sometimes I get a little confused. I'll ask myself: Is this everything I am? Will I always be known for my job? 

* Before, I didn't have a Facebook account of my own. Because I assumed that everything I was thinking and everything I am can be communicated through and associated with the cafe. Apparently I was wrong. Because (I have no definite answer for that...yet).

* Hmm...I don't think this is a common problem. When you love your work sooooo much, sometimes it doesn't merely become part of you, it becomes YOU. Is this wrong? Does anyone have a similar predicament? Kinda weird. I was blessed to find my passion in life at an early age...and these are the problems that come with it. Sometimes I'll get suspicious and ask myself, "Am I going to die young?" Morbid. Just a thought.

* Anyway, I've been talking to different people since 2 pm today. Different meetings, discussions, brain-storming, Bible study, etc. I've got a lot of input and inspiration, thanks to them. I salute you. And here I am right now talking through my fingers. So what is the moral lesson for this blog entry? I can't think of any. I'll just end this blog abruptly for a change.

* We would like to thank the Not-the-planner people for letting us display and sell their planners at the cafe. Ten copies gone in 2 days kahit Feb na! Visit their site at

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