Monday, March 1, 2010

A Self-Proclaimed Alternative Activities 37 Square Meter Space Place

* I'm holding this tub of Chocolate Truffles ice cream that Zadl bought us last night, it's very inspirational. Thank you sir! BANG! (Big Bang Theory theme song hangover)

* I'm blogging at home tonight, not at my usual spot at Koinonia. I had to make this poster for Thursday night and I needed a quiet place to think. And my room is the most conducive place for such thinking activities. I already posted it on Facebook and Multiply. Then I saw the poster and the date read: March 11. That's wrong, it's supposed to be March 4. I deleted the wrong one and replaced it immediately. Talk about hassle, sayang load ng Globe Tattoo ko.

* In the spirit of last month's PDA (Public Display of Art) activities, our friend, Padeys, came up with this idea of a monodrama where he and his friends (the ELBI PIE cast) individually portray several characters in one set. Sounds interesting. He even read us a line from the script. I promise you, it's hilarious! Thanks to Mam Lallie for penning the script and the other participating actors for having the time to involve themselves in something as "indie" as this. You'll get free iced tea. Regular or Blended.

* So people, please come this Thursday night at 7 pm! Admission is free, all you have to do is order food and drinks. That could be a cookie and a 20 ounce glass of regular iced tea, a 45 peso value meal. Invite your friends. This is a CAnton Elbi first!

* How time flies. It's already March 1, happy birthday Mako Nadal!

* Zadl and I tabulated the survey results last night.  We were happy with the results (79 out of 80 respondents answered "Yes" when asked if they are satisfied with their CAnton experience, no one answered "No", he/she just didn't answer the question, baka nahiya) and your suggestions are the best! We will definitely work something out. The "fireworks" suggestion was golden. Zadl said, "Paputok tayo ng Roman Candle sa kalsada, haha!"

* Thanks for the ideas guys! We'll conduct more surveys, so we'll know what you guys want. Thanks to everyone who donated 1 peso or more for the expansion of the cafe! Malayo mararating nun!

* Well that's it for now. Continue to pray for us, the CAnton crew. We're gonna do something big this year. We're turning 2 years old next month, who knows what will happen, right?

* Ace those exams. Drink our FoM, the Mochaccino Diablo. It's chocolaty-icy-spicy, unlike any drink you've tasted. Get a kick out of it!

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