Monday, March 8, 2010

A Pre-Anniversary Blog Contest Promo Whatever


* We would like to say thank you to Padeys Cajano for organizing a very successful CAnton Chronicles last Thursday night! The place was packed, we even had to open the door so people outside can hear the performances! Mucho thanks also to Mam Lallie for writing the monodramas for the actors, Chok, Foxy, Oscar, Mam Dee, and, again, Padeys. All of you were amazing! We hope we could do this again next sem. Sir Rufo, thanks for the impromptu! That was great!

* To Zadl and Dan, our CAnton Web Team, thanks for doing a great job promoting and covering the event, taking pictures and shooting videos, uploading web content, etc. That was a lot of help! We have more projects to come! 

* Sherwin Felicidario of CDC celebrated his birthday last Tuesday at the cafe. Once again, thanks Aldo, Candy, and the rest of the gang for choosing CAnton as your bertdeyan. Aldo, ikaw na sunod!



* On April 14, we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary!!! Yeah! We're planning special things for this momentous occasion. Dan and I thought of this pre-anniv contest a few hours ago...

* Every now and then, I scour the net for blogs talking about Cafe Antonio. Customers and friends shared amazing experiences, and positive reviews. And it's a good feeling for us to know that people are having a good time at our cafe. With that we would like to turn this into a contest.

We will give 2000 pesos to the person who will write the best blog entry about the cafe on April 14! Sounds good? Here are the mechanics:

- all blog articles written this year (2010) are automatic entries

- blog articles must be published in any blog site or social networking site (especially Facebook or Multiply)

- you can self-promote your blog article in any way you like, just make sure we'll be able to Google it

- blog article may be written in English or Tagalog

- the following keywords must be used: cafe antonio, los banos, elbi, best blog entry

- only Cafe Antonio - Los Banos customers can join (you must have visited the cafe at least once)

- TOPIC: Anything about Cafe Antonio ELBI, that's the freedom you'll get

- criteria: 98% sincerity, 2% grammar = 100% panalo

GRAND PRIZE: Php 2000 cash; Blog article will be published in Cafe Antoni ELBI's Annual Scrapbook (Compilation of Blog Entries from Day 1 to Today)

2ND PRIZE: Cafe Antonio Orange Tall Tumbler

3RD PRIZE: Flavor of the Month

Okay diba?!?!?! We're still working on the whole idea and depth of this contest, but at least now you know! C'MON START BLOGGING AWAY!!! YEY!!!

* I've sprinkled this blog with a liberal amount of exclamation points, thanks to Zadl for inspiring me to shout everyday...!

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