Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Political Sociology Woodstock 2010

* I've been extremely lethargic these past 2 days. My head is as heavy as a raincloud, my lips are as flaky as cornflakes, and my mood has been bordering on contemplative to sleepy-dreamy hallucination. Then I realized that I haven't eaten rice since Monday. I only had baked mac on Monday and a ham and cheese sandwich yesterday.  Talk about poor diet. The 4 sachets of Enervon HP I've drank the past two days barely kept me afloat.

* Bad eating habits aside, I also had my share of stress-inducing, Prison Break-level, skinny jeans-tight series of predicaments worthy of future blog entries and press releases.

* Ma'am Lea Marasigan, our friend and loyal customer, had this amazing idea of conducting her students' paper presentations at the cafe. If you've noticed we've closed the cafe to the public these past 2 days. But some of you have managed to sneak in orders. That's cool. Hakuna Matata. 

* The activity was scheduled to start at 3:30 pm and end at 9:30 pm. But because of heightened excitement and passionate deliveries, the activity was extended until 11:30 pm.

* I was a panelist for the two-day activity. At first I thought it would be an easy task. I'll just listen and nod and then ask some questions and so on. Oh yes, I needed to understand and comprehend the papers too to give a good critique. That part was hard. I haven't used the sociology side of my brain for a very long time!

* It was a sight to be seen.The students were nervous and shaking, and the atmosphere at the cafe was oozing with intellectual stuff that will really move you and give you a massive migraine!

* I was really impressed with the students' papers. Their topics were very well thought of. Ma'am Lea, you have taught them well indeed! 

* I was happy at how the whole activity turned out because of the following things:

- I'm a BA Sociology graduate, and the least I can do to contribute to my beloved discipline is to provide a venue for activities such as this. It gives the cafe an intellectual climate that is soooo UPLB.

- The students were able to present their papers in an alternative venue. A venue where it can be fun and exciting to present their research. Imagine how boring it would have been if they did that in the classroom!

- The idea of having coffee at the center of intellectual discourse is golden. Thank you Ma'am Lea for putting that idea into practice.

- There were a lot of first time visitors. The activity was a great way to introduce them to Cafe Antonio.

- And aside from providing the cafe with exceptional Monday and Tuesday sales, the paper presentations contributed to the dynamic and student-oriented image of the cafe.

* In our closing remarks, I told the students, where else can we experience a 2-day Sociology Paper Presentation marathon, right?! It was like a Woodstock of Sociological research!

*Although we were all exhausted, everybody had a meaningful experience. Even the CAnton crew learned a lot from the paper presentations. 

* Let's do this again next semester! 

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