Friday, April 2, 2010

Now, Let's Make Every Moment Count

* She and Him Vol. 2 is playing in the background as I am writing this blog entry. Thank you Eric Soliven for the album, Zooey Deschanel is my inspiration.

* The blogs have been erratic these past two weeks. Last week, I posted the blog on a quiet Wednesday evening. This week, this blog will be posted on a Friday, on a Good Friday to be specific. I usually post my blogs on Monday nights, to start the week right.

* Our 2nd year anniversary is fast approaching, April 14 is just around the bend. Really now, two years have already gone by? Time sure flies when you're having fun.

* May 14 will be Cafe Antonio ELBI's LAST DAY of operations on where we're currently situated. 

* Our 2-year contract is expiring on April 14 (we were able to negotiate a 1 month extension just to put things in to order) and our renewal and second floor project will not be able to push through due to impossible financial demands from our landlady. I wouldn't go into details here but just to give you a rough picture, she's asking us for 2-year advance for a 5-year contract which costs around almost half a million bucks. Unbelievable.

* We received the news last Monday, March 22. Three days after that, I got a text message saying that our friend, Erol Baltazar just passed away. He's the one handling our permits and legal documents. We went to his wake and visited his wife, Tita Gina, the following day. May you rest in peace Kuya Erol, thank you for the two years you spent helping us build our business. To Tita Gina and their daughter, stay strong and always remember God's goodness.

* I always picture myself getting old and gray with the cafe still standing and serving people. It's nice to have a place like that. You'll know that someday that place will be rich with history and will always be filled with good memories. But things change, like everything else in this world. It's sad but it's no reason to give up. The only sad thing here is that we're leaving a physical place where a lot of amazing things took place. 

* For those who want to join our blog contest, you can write about your best memories at the cafe and how it influenced your life, stuff like that. We will be announcing the winner on April 14. The cash prize is still Php 2222.00. Given our current "surprise" situation, the blog contest became very fitting.

* Cafe Antonio is our life, we wouldn't give up that easily. We love our jobs this much because it changed and developed a lot of things in us. We also owe our customers a lot. Over the course of two years we've met a lot of people and some of them became our closest friends. 

*  We haven't found a new place yet. So just keep praying for us. 

* If you have friends and family who haven't been to the cafe yet, bring them along and show them what the place is all about. And I hope that people will see that Cafe Antonio isn't just another establishment serving coffee.

* Cafe Antonio - Dumaguete will be visiting us on Monday, April 5, it will be their first time. So we're inviting you guys to come and "riprizint" and show what ELBI is all about!

* Thank you so much Los Banos! God bless!

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