Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twelve Days Makes Two Weeks in CAnton Time

* We have two weeks to go before we move to the new site. We know a lot of you are excited but a little sad because the place already has sentimental value for a lot of us. Anyway, my sister, Grace, thought of an excellent moving-out activity before we start packing our bags. On Monday (April 26), we will hang a huge tarpaulin showing the cafe's interior. We would like every CAnton customer to sign his/her name and leave a personal message on the tarp. You have until May 8 to sign. After that, we will hang the tarp in the new site. It will serve as a reminder of the good 'ol days in the old site. We want you guys to be part of our history so please come before you run out of space to sign your name!

* On April 30, NHK (a major TV network in Japan), will be coming to the cafe and start filming their show about the life of a barista, featuring us! They will be filming for 10 days. Please come to the cafe on April 30 until May 8 and be part of this very rare opportunity!

* UPLB Zoom Out will be showing indie films at the cafe on these dates: April 27 to 29 and May 3 to 6. Please come, admission is free!

* We're planning a closing party on May 8. Please come! We will be having amazing promos and handing out special giveaways. Let's make the last day of Cafe Antonio at the old site extremely special! 

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