Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back to Square One at LB Square

* This blog has been silent for almost two weeks! Sorry for that. Well, here we are again and we're getting ready for the big day on June 8! Yes, June 8 (Tuesday) is the day we will officially reopen our doors to our beloved Los Banos community. We've certainly missed working and serving you guys. We're all very excited to show you our new place!

* The past week has all been about conducting training, preparing lectures, memorizing terms, answering quizzes, Robinsons food court snacking, going to bed early, watching movies, and Dashboard Confessional. That has been our week in a nutshell. We had our share of tense moments especially during quizzes, and light moments, when we try out every stall in the food court after class, which is lunchtime. 

* And now a new chapter is about to be written. We're now in LB Square and we've decided to open the cafe a little earlier...11 am! We have five new baristas to serve you during our 2-shift service period: Retz, Joyceann, and newcomers Jeg, Wats, and Mon. All five of them have undergone an intense one week coffee bootcamp. Next week we will start tidying up the place. After that, we may hold spontaneous dry runs. We'll keep you guys posted about that.

* That's it for now, we will see you soon! Thanks for waiting!

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