Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bean Scenes (photos by Dan)

"Apples or Blueberries? If Eve had the same dilemma then we would've been free from sin." A tarp designed by our friends, Julius and Jeg.

Julius and Jeg

"Meet the Fresmen of Cafe Antonio" - Another tarp designed by Julius and Jeg, great job guys!

Please try our newest frothiccino creations.

Cleaning the cafe in the morning, with Dan, our newest recruit.

Here's Dan, my childohood friend and apprentice.

Our favorite coffeetable books.

Crossword remains our number 1 pasttime.

Followed by Skribage.

There are no customers, obviously.

Reading a book about useless information.

Nice bar light shot by Dan.

Please get one, it's free.

Hi, I'm Mistah Grindah Man.

Nica and Retz doing some computations.

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