Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd Monthsary...New Look, New Crew

Retz, Dan, Jabez, Joyce, Nica

Celebrate monthsaries with a Mernel's chocolate cake!

The Navs with Kuya Val, goodbye tol! We'll miss you!

Curtain magic thanks to Jenni.

It's the first day of the first week of the school year and the cafe has made a lot of changes:

- we now have a black curtain to conceal the kitchen;
- we ordered a new table plus four chairs;
- we pimped the couch area;
- we hired Dan as our full-time cook and Retz was promoted to cashier;
- and Nica is listed as day-to-day while Joyce is looking for a job as nutritionist.

Yesterday, Nica had to go to the hospital to watch over her sister while Joyce and Padeys went to Waltermart in Calamba to buy some important stuff we need for the cafe. That left Dan, Retz, and I to man the cafe for several hours. There were a lot of orders but somehow we managed to keep our poise and rationality on. Yes, the cafe survived with just 3 people...

Joyce and Padeys came back later that evening and helped around. But Joyce had to go home early with her tita and Ate Manell. Padeys stayed with us until closing time.

From now on, you will be seeing a new team working at the cafe. Retz will be at the counter to take your orders instead of Nica. Dan will be making your sandwiches and pasta instead of Joyce. And I would still be either blending your drinks and/or serving it to you.

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