Monday, June 30, 2008

Been Gone for a Long While...Here's Some New STUFF!

Our Iced Tea Just Became Pink

Remember when our loyal customer, Aldo, ordered iced teas with strawberry syrup? Well, we "stole" his idea and made the drink a part of our regular menu. Some said it was too sweet but I already did something about it. So the next time you order our "Blended Strawberry Iced Tea" it will be better than the last time. For our new customers, just ask the cashier, RETZ (his real name is CUSTER, when spelled backwards it's RETSUC, but RETSUC is too long and hence the monicker, RETZ), for the "Blended Strawberry Iced Tea" (only Php 50).


Making the Boring Milkshake More Exciting

We have our milkshake, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes. Classic flavors, but sometimes the classics just bore us. So we made the "Caramilkshake". It's just your classic milkshake with a few pumps of caramel this and caramel that, blah blah... It definitely tastes better than our milkshake!


Written in Chocolate...Sauce
From now on, when you order a Cafe Mocha, we will write your name ON the drink so you can take a picture of it using your camera phone. You can request other designs just ask the barista what he can do. Yung madali lang ha, no extra charge!


Watch Out for these KICK-ASS Drinks
Right now we're developing our Brownie Frothiccino and Blueberry Cheesecake Frothiccino and/or milkshake. Just wait for it...we'll release it next week or next month, depende sa mood.

Blogspot and Multiply
So here's the difference: our Blogspot is our official site where we promote our products and the cafe itslef.

Our Multiply (managed by Dan) is for our pictures and other stuff that we can't post on our official site. Just to make things clear.

New Menu Board
We've written our Specials on the board so you can see it with the prices. We are currently making a new menu board for our regular menu. Ang dami na kasing nagrereklamo, di daw nila makita yung menu.

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