Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game Night!

We had a blast serving at the cafe yesterday, we didn't take a break all day! Retz, Dan, and I even forgot to eat dinner. But it was all worth it...

A lot of specials were ordered yesterday, I remember blending a couple of caramel creams, cookies and cream, choco-mac, uhh..., vanilla sky... I think there was a rocky road. A number of black forests were also served.

Apologies to Aldo's group, we forgot to give you free "iced tea-riffic" stickers on your takeout.

But the best part of the day was when 3 groups started to play our in-house games. Two groups played Uno while the other played Monopoly. Retz, Mon, Andre, and Ate Marisse also played cards on the other table.

It was a sight to remember. It was past 1 am but we were still open. I hope today would be as exciting as yesterday, or even better!

Thanks for the support ELBi! The best pare, the best... next time uli. God bless everyone.

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