Friday, April 11, 2008

3 Days to Go!


Practice week. A lot of friends frequented the cafe these past few days for a taste of our free food and coffee. The cafe was also "pimped" a little according to the suggestions and specifications of our bosses in Dumaguete. The supplies also came yesterday thanks to the Pinero's relatives(Thursday),--the Torani syrups, sauces, plastic cups, cardboard sleeves, coffee, mixes, etc. A bunch of boxes filled the place! So we cleaned everything up, and arranged and rearranged and so on. My parents were there to help, and Joyce's sister, Faye, was there for moral support (she also bought a tumbler, yey thanks!).

A bunch of our batchmates also graced the occasion. Lawrence was ther for a "surprise" visit. Congrats to you bro, cum laude! Yell and Ged also went after lunch. A couple of Joyce's people went to varnish the new installations and our couch lady, Tasha, was there to measure the couch. Benny, Chino, and Fidel came in the afternoon. And yes, Ate Manell went also and brought some baked goodies her mom made. Uhh.. what else..

Soundtrippin' in the afternoon til evening, yeah.. good times guys, good times...

Today (Friday), Nica, Benny, Yell & Fidel (briefly), and I went to the cafe for some good 'ol general cleanin' fun! Nica scrubbed and polished the floor, I licked the CR clean, and Benny polished the furniture. Dance party with Mac, Padeys, and Chino in the evening. Then we ate some chips and drank Mountain Dew. Don was also there for a while.

I already turned the espresso machine off, but then Ate Mila (the landlady's sister) came over and told me that she told her customers at Ning's Thai that we had coffee. They ordered two brewed mugs. So I opened the espresso machine again and made them excellent coffee! Haha! They paid us and told me that they enjoyed the coffee. They were amazed with our stirrers (the little whisk-like things my sister, Joyce, not Joyce-Doy, but Joyce-Joy, anyway, bought for us in Singapore), hehe. Hey, thanks unknown customers, come visit us again!

It was a fun week. We didn't waste electricity entirely. Tomorrow (Saturday), Nica and Joyce will be doing some final grocery shopping and I'll be staying at the cafe to supervise some other installations. Hopefully, the WiFi people would come and install what they're supposed to install.

Yep, 3 days to go...exciting, really. Continue praying for us. Pray that God would use this cafe for His glory and not ours. Woot woot!

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