Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Red Paracetacol

Seems like the days are starting to get normal...
There was a steady flow of customers yesterday, which was good for us, para naman hindi nakakapagod masyado. But the accumulated stress has taken its toll on me as I went down with a headache at around 5 to 8pm. I took Medicol, paracetamol, and Red Bull to keep me alive until closing time. Right now I still feel a little queasy, maybe because of the heat or the stress or both. Anyway, this job is fun, I love cleaning the cafe and washing the dishes but of course it's tiring too.
We gave away free "product stickers" for the first three who ordered any of the following: strawberry frothiccino, black forest, choco-macadamia latte, and peachy mango.
Last night we had the owners of Lacxo Bar and Resto visit the cafe. We recognized each other because they were also the managers of Galleria Ethnika, an ethnic shop where I used to but my burloloy back in high school. Thanks for coming guys, dyan lang naman kayo sa tapat, next tym uli!
As usual our ice supplier is late, that's why I'm blogging right now here at Koinoniadotcom. This is also the place where we print our stickers. Thanks Kuya Rodel and Drew for the merch!
That's all, thanks customers for supporting us. See you later!

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  1. Jabez, isa lang ang masasabi namin: ADIK. hehe...joke. Take it lightly there ayt? ;)