Friday, April 25, 2008

Bring it!

What a day, what a day. Just when we were about to get used to "normal days" Friday comes and bam! We had customers until 1:30 am! Wow, I think I haven't made that many frothiccinos in my life! Another reason to thank God...He brings in the customers for us.

We had a lot of guests today. My orgmates Yeho, Tin, and Len were there. Thanks guys, congrats Tin, you're graduating later! Um who else, the usual dose of the Lee clan was there with their batchmates and friends. Pins later! Sir Rem from DevCom was also there, he had three free stickers. Oh yes, our batchmate Kulas also came to visit. I had a great time talking to you in English, it was very liberating indeed, congrats on your ad agency gig. More power to yah! Another batchmate, Nikki also came to visit. It was her first time at the cafe since it opened but she's no stranger to the cafe since she was always there when we were renovating the place. Wow I'm typing without looking at the keyboard, kewl. Arnel and his entourage were also there, Paul, Vince, Mon, and Retz. Congrats Arnel, cum laude yeah!

Well obviously I'm not sick anymore! I had a great time, yes cleaning is fun and making drinks for people is even more funnerer...haha! We had this South American customer and he liked the espresso. He told Nica that it reminds him of some cafe in Europe. Cool...yup. Thanks dude whoever you are.

I hope our bosses in Dumaguete are reading this...hey guys we're having a blast up here! Hope you can visit again. We're expecting a monster crowd later, please pray for us!

Wow, thanks guys, we are overwhelmed. Thanks a lot! Always pray for the three of us. Pray that we would continue to enjoy this business and that the desire to serve would never fade away! God bless!

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  1. thats great to hear that it reminded him of europe! cafe antonio's espresso is really one of the best in the world! keep it up guys -- dumaguete