Saturday, April 5, 2008

Merch, Mugs, and Our First Unofficial Customer

A package fron Dumaguete containing mugs, tumblers, t-shirts, and an industrial blender arrived at the cafe this afternoon (to our delight!).

The tumblers come in two variants, a medium-sized one with no handle is priced at Php 235.00 each and the large variant w/ handle is priced at Php 295.00 each.

There are 3 t-shirt designs to choose from, each one priced at Php 195.00. The first customer to arrive and order gets a free t-shirt.

Our inverstor, Pastor Chito with his family, arrived unexpectedly and bought a large tumbler and tipped us generously. We made them free hot drinks.

We also practiced making our cold drinks a while ago using our freshly delivered industrial blender and the result was excellent (thanks to Joyce)! Our team sampled a mocha frothicinno together with Joyce's cousin.

Next week will be a busy week as we prepare for the opening on April 14. We will open at 4pm and close at 1pm. You can visit us from Monday through Saturday.

Continue praying for us and we thank all the people who texted all their friends and family to come to our cafe.

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