Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Wednesday—a very weird yet productive day. Usually a Wednesday is what we call a “patay na araw” but God is good once again, customers kept on coming all throughout the day.

Nica wasn’t feeling well that day, I told her to rest or come in late. She arrived at 4pm to lead our opening prayer. We already had two groups of customers at that time.

At 3:30 pm, our friend, Tong, was already there with his cool not-for-rain umbrella. Unfortunately it rained. Anyway he bought a latte and bunch of cookies, I think he bought 10 of them, basta naubos na agad!

Fidel brought along a truck-load of members from BLD. So we went to work right away, but no pressure, we enjoy those moments.

Later that night, a band called Patrick Star played a few songs for us. It was actually the first gig at Café Antonio. Hey guys please send pictures, ok? ( Everybody had a great time, next time uli!

It was as getting late, and the X-Wurd Varsity was getting impatient. We waited for the right moment and then we started without our main man, HotMoves, and our team captain, La Toro Tora the Explorer. My sister downloaded crosswords for us. We finished the “Hollywood” puzzle in a flash! We did the Inquirer puzzle in 15 minutes, good job guys, we’re getting better!

We also started the “HINDI LAHAT Campaign”. We printed stickers saying: White Mocha Frothiccino – Hindi Lahat ng Mocha Maitim, then we gave them to anyone who would order a white mocha frothiccino. We also brainstormed others like Black Forest – Hindi Lahat ng Forest ay Green (that one was from Yell), and Ham & Egg – Hindi Laging Cheese and Kasama ng Ham, Pwede ring Egg (that’s from Joyce). We’ll print stickers later.

AND YES… our legal documents and other paper-ry matters are DONE! We are now legal! Haha! Infinite MEGA-Kudos to Kuya Erol for going through all the hassles of registration life.

What am I missing… hmmm…

Oh yeah, my mom bought us food and gave us a tip! And Benny aka Blankee B. brought home pizza, yeah!

I love Coke.

That’s it! Thanks once again customers and blog readers…

Retz and I did a general cleaning of the café yesterday, we will run errands after this blog…. He’s wating for the ice right now..

Thanks again blog readers, continue supporting Café Antonio because your coffee will always be our passion! Your pastries too, and your sandwiches and pasta, and non-coffee drinks….

Have a good day, enjoy Labor Day, and God bless y’all, ayt? Good job.

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