Thursday, May 1, 2008

Movie Night!

Elbi was a ghost town yesterday, it's a good thing the "Nica Clan" came to start our frothiccino-making day. It was Labor Day, and most Elbinizens decided to stay home and sleep and/or watch TV.

Slooow day... BUT the Cafe Antonio Gang never runs out of things to do. We watched Step Up 2, haha! Then we bought our usual hotdogs and isaw, then Yell and I brought pizza! A very big pizza.

We also have a new toy, it's called a Polphin (penguin na dolphin aka Arnel aka Padeys). We played with it all day, it was very fun indeed, we treated it like a real batchmate.

We turned Natasha Bedingfield's song, Unwritten, into an action song. We performed it before we closed... with Ate Marisse and Ate ManellZZz.

The Star crossword was conquered once again by the X-Wurd team, thanks to the presence of long lost member, HOTMOVES!

Retz and I stayed at the cafe for the night, just to see if we can survive, it's kinda like camping.

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