Friday, May 16, 2008

Some Like It Hot

Yesterday, Retz and I finished cleaning early. Then Joyce came in at 2 pm. She brought along food which she got from a package her mom sent from the US. I already prepared the frothiccino mix so we had nothing left to do. We decided to take a siesta before Neil arrives at 3 pm to run errands.

We finished our errands in 20 minutes. We noticed that we were quite fast that day or maybe time was just slow. It seemed like a perfect day. We opened on time, well-rested and everything. The weather was cool and the conditions were perfect for good ‘ol relaxation. I drank 2 espressos while reading a book about psychics and mystics. I said, “Nothing can go wrong today.” I guess I spoke too soon.

We noticed that it was getting warm, and customers were piling up at the café and asking us if we had the AC turned on. Retz and I went home to get an electric fan. We had 3 fans out at the dining area and none for us inside the kitchen. So we were sweating like hell. Joyce restarted the AC and it cooled for a while. The café was full of people. Neil, Retz, and I went out to get some air. It was still a little warm inside.

I had to go home at 9 pm to take out the trash. I took out the trash and then rode my bike to the café. Then I notice my wallet wasn’t in my back pocket. I retraced my steps and didn’t find it. Then I remembered that I left my wallet inside the house! My sister and Kuya Herbert wouldn’t be home until tonight so I really had to get in to change clothes and take a bath. We were the only unit in the compound that do not have a duplicate with the landlord, making the situation worse.

So Retz and I spent 2 freakin’ hours applying all we learned in Mystery Case Files, Mission Impossible, MacGyver, and Mr. Bean to get my wallet, which was lying on the dining table.

While we were gone, the staff told us that an army of customers stormed the café. It’s a good thing that the PowerPuff Girls (Joyce, Nica, and Yell) and Mojo Jojo (Neil) was there to get things under control. Thanks guys. Sorry for the hassle.

Everything went well after that. Zadl came and gave us chicharon. Thanks!

We closed the day still victorious despite all the hurdles and challenges that confronted us that day. Good job team!

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