Friday, May 2, 2008

Beauty Perks Day

There's this parlor near the cafe called Beauty Perks, we get ourselves pampered over there every first day of the month. Unfortunately, we went there on May 2 not May 1, tsk...

Padeys, Yell, and Ate Manell was also there with the three of us.

Yesterday was a slow but steady day. There weren't that much customers, Elbi is still a ghost town, but we still managed to reach our quota at the end of the day.

My high school band, Spoonbridge, was there and we jammed for a while. Good memories, remember K.A. guys? Good times, good times. Benny was using the toothpick dispenser as a shaker. Padeys was line-readinw with Joyce then they joined in with the singing when we played Dashboard Confessional songs. The jamming got wild when Fidel started dancing to the acoustic version of Pasan by the cafe's "favorite" band, Callalily (hanep! grabeh!).

The X-Wurd team didn't finish the crossword/s for the night. Too bad. HotMOves was absent again.

We ended the day by dancing to DJ Fidel's techno-house music then we did the Unwritten action song before we had or closing prayer.

Retz and I spent the night at the cafe once again, only this time, I slept on the couch. I watched 3 episodes of Entourage before I slept.

Batch outing na mamaya sa LAIA!!! Hintayin niyo kami!!!

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