Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're a Month Old! Yeah!

I was late for work yesterday because I was making stickers for our glass windows. We have a new look for the cafe. The glass windows and sliding doors has orange, black, and grey racing stripes and we made a new open/closed sign and operating hours sign. We removed the "no solicitation", "no outside food allowed", and "self-service" signs as suggested by Kuya Bert aka Mr. Papu's. He said that those signs give the customers too many rules to follow...it's not very welcoming for a service business.

We we're full of people the whole day. There was no lull hour. No time for basketball, ping-pong, crossword, or Skribage. It was a busy day.

Our batchmates helped us cut the stickers. Mahalia used the paper cutter I borrowed from Koinonia (thanks Kuya Rodel). Benny, Fidel, Chino, Retz, and I painstakingly arranged the stickers on the glass. Al also helped.

When midnight came, we celebrated our first month with a massacred muffin topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, and honey. We also lit a candle hat Joyce bought. It was supposed to light up a bunch of little sparks, but it failed to do so, drat...

It was also Padeys' last day at the cafe. We will miss you dude, God bless on your acting career, make some waves!

2nd month, here we come!

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