Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to the Family!

Yesterday was the first day of Tonio's OJT at Cafe Antonio. He was my classmate back in elementary for a year and he was introduced to the cafe by Joyce's friend who turns out to be his girlfriend.

He will be with us until Thursday next week, helping us clean in the afternoon and then assisting us until closing time. It was a good day yesterday, and Tonio got a workout from it!

We played charades last night, Padeys did great job acting out impossible words like "Buloy" or "Jenny" or "Pilandok". He is definitely a world class act-tresss... hehe. Tonight he will be joining us at the cafe to have a Gilmore Girls marathon right after closing.

Sherwin and his friends also brought along their own game to play.

The Navs were also there. They reserved the couch area.

We didn't do that well the past few days, thank God for yesterday, it was all worth it.

Pop's exec team reserved the couch area today at 4pm. I have to go now. See yah at the cafe!

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