Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skribage then Crossword

Days at the cafe are getting faster. Maybe because we virtually "live" in the cafe and don't do anything else except clean and clean... at least for Retz and I. But we're enjoying it, the food too. We have a loot of food from the batch outing.

What's interesting about working at the cafe, aside from making drinks and food, is that we have time to play games with our friends. Mahalia brought her Skribage and we played all night..we even forgot to eat dinner. We only ate Sugo, Muncher, and Boy Bawang --> Brain Power Food! It didn't matter! We had fun. Joyce was very good at it, she almost won every round, kudos. It's like she has eight eyes looking at different directions. Retz got dizzy and took a break.

After playing countless rounds. We still had enough neurons to play crossword. There were only 4 of us, low_ballZ 24. Frajelli-Ska-Avenger, Dutchess of Doomz, and Alejandro. Our team captain, La Toro Tora the Explorer was reading a book. In spite of that, we finished the puzzle in a few minutes...bam!

We closed 5 minutes before 1 Am. Retz and I went to my apartment to get a mattress and a dinner of nachos, shredded cabbage, and salsa. Padeys and his orgmates were at HotShots and stopped by the cafe to get some food. I ate a ton of Sugo hot and spicy nuts, then finished the Gardenia and chicken spread, ate a chocolate cookie, and some Toblerone. I drank Dalandan Soda. Gujab.

Retz and I are finished cleaning and we'll be having our usual lunch of Spanish sardines and rice. See you later!

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