Thursday, May 15, 2008

Earthquakes and Cake

I’m not feeling very well right now. I just came from 2 fiestas, one in Anos and one in Calauan. I think I had too much chicken and fruit cocktail…

The streets of Los Baños looked like the music video of “The Shadow of the Day” yesterday as smoke filled the air and rumors of an earthquake spread through text. We were already picking out spots to hide; I chose to hide under the espresso machine so that I would die instantly when it falls on me, haha! Just kidding.

Of course the earthquake rumor wasn’t true, we went on with our lives and lived through the day. But it was a nice moment to talk about weird stuff like the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, etc. What would happen if the Philippines just sank in the ocean… Hmm…

Yell wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I made her warm calamansi juice. I guess it didn’t work, she just fell asleep and went home early.

We had this group of students who asked if they can shoot a video for their class. So I said ok, it’s good publicity. We played boring Spanish-era music in the background while they were shooting, we thought it suited their theme. After that Retz and the students took a group picture at the front of the café.

Victor’s mom stopped by to order him a latte Good job dude, even though you can’t come here, you sent someone to represent you. Yeah!

Edsam also dropped by. He looked like a Pinoy action star/hit man. And because of that, the collective genius of our batch improvised an action movie sequence based on cliché Pinoy movie scenes. We were laughing our heads off!

It was also Brandon’s birthday. Watts baked him a cake and we put 22 sparkling candles on it. His family was also there to celebrate. They were the last customers of the day. The cake was great.

I have to go now, my tummy is still aching…

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