Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Little Scuffle

Everybody was excited yesterday. Retz and I finished cleaning early. Roy stopped by, and so did Majals and Vinci. And it was only 3 o’clock! I even had a siesta.

There’s always something new at Café Antonio everyday. To start things off, we concocted a new frothiccino flavor called Caramel Cream (Php 120), try it…it tastes like the White Rabbit candy.

Nica and the guys played some Skribage. Retz, Joyce, and I finished the Star crossword. We’re getting better everyday.

And oh yeah, before that our friends and batchmates found “something” on the Internet. Haha…

But none of the action happened ‘til closing time. A group of drunken students went to the café. Our batchmate, Julius, and his cousins were also there. I think the two groups had a little misunderstanding that pissed Julius’ cousins. They went outside they café and had a staring contest with the group inside, and it was already past our closing time! The drunken group couldn’t get out and they waited for their other friends to pick them up. Too bad, the Julius group was still parked outside and went after them when they got out. Julius’ cousin only wanted to make a statement.

Anyway, it was pretty tense. It’s a good thing a lot of batchmates were there and no one was hurt. Whew, thank God! None of that anymore!

Fidel stayed at the café for the night with Retz and me because their fuse box at home was broken. We had a great time eating graham crackers. Haha!

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