Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers' Day. It was 11 pm, Retz and I were already at the cafe to start our defrosting marathon slash general cleaning. We cleaned and cleaned until 5:34 in the morning! The place was spotless.

Fidel opened the roll-up door and woke us up at 9 am. Then I went home at 11 to take a bath.

It wasn't raining that day, which was unusual because it was a Monday. Then it rained hard, reeeally

Retz and I wanted the cafe to be blameless and pure. But when you over-prepare, everything goes wrong. We wanted Joyce to see how clean the cafe was but when she opened the refrigerator door, there was spilled milk all over the place. Dang!

We had Bible study at 2pm, Pop was there to lead. Neil was also with us. We had a great time and we finished at 3. Dan and his mom, Tita Reggie was also there. Pop bought us food. Thanks!

We had our first two walk-in customers. One ordered a white mocha frothiccino. She asked us if it was meant to be salty. We wondered if she was referring to the pasta or the drink. Then she let us taste the frothiccino, it was so salty it made sea water bland!

Then I realized that I put SALT instead of SUGAR on the sugar syrup and frothiccino mix! I did the mixes at 4 am so that Nica and Joyce wouldn't have to worry about anything. But when you over-prepare, everything goes wrong! Hassle, hassle, hassle!!!!! Hrrr!!!! GArr!!! WAAHHH!!!!

We made her a new one and gave her a "sorry po" cookie, which she appreciated.

It was raining hard, and the weather was cool. Then we lost power. For an hour. We sang songs to pass the time and we did a wrong version of Top of the World. We played with the candle, believing we have supernatural powers to make the flame disappear without blowing or touching it. We also sang some Dashboard songs and some boy band songs. We were ready to close at nine, but the power came back. So the show must go on!!!

We played basketball inside the cafe. Then we did some ping-pong using the trays and the massage ball.

Then a group of guys came and ordered a lot of stuff. That helped a lot in our sales.

Kuya Bert aka Papu's, was there with his family and ordered one black forest, rocky road, cookies and cream, and choco-macadamia frothiccino. He gave us advice about our signs and we took it to heart. We removed all of the stuff on our door and right now, as we SPEAK, we're making new ones. So bye-bye, we're late.

hard. Yes!

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