Friday, May 9, 2008


It was almost 5 pm and there were still no customers. We wanted to tell everybody that, "Hey y'all we're open, you can come in now!" Yell and Padeys weren't able to come yesterday but Ged, Neil, and Zadl came early to accompany us.

Pop dropped by to bring the water dispenser, it's still broken, I don't know why. He also brought us cake and dinner--chicken teriyaki and ampalaya, thanks! Dan was also there.

It was a slow day. At 9 pm people came in droves. We were filled up to the entrance of the comfort room! The sink was clogged and I had to pump the drain using my hand, which is hurting right now. I made frothiccinos non-stop for an hour, good thing Joyce was there to fill the shoes of my apprentice, Yell.

It was amazing, we all missed that kind of pressure. It was 11 pm and still we were full of people.

Neil would be celebrating his 22nd birthday in a few minutes and so Zadl and I bought a huge candle. When we got back to the cafe someone ordered and I had to make a few drinks. After that I forgot where I put the candle. I found out when we closed that I put the candle in the freezer, haha!

Jimmy B.'s friend was also celebrating his birthday. So for the first time we had two birthday celebrants! We gave them a piece of Pop's cake and put some whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Happy birthday again guys! Here's to another great day at the cafe!

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