Monday, April 28, 2008

Crossword Night

Yesterday should have been the most boring of boring summer days. But thanks to the power of 2 newspapers, the KrOZzWuRD Var-Z.T. was born. The crosswords were tough; we had a group solving the STAR crossword while we were working on the INQUIRER puzzle. We switched papers because Retz’s group struggled mightily with STAR, tsk tsk. We didn’t finish the crosswords because it was a Monday, we scheduled crossword night for Saturdays. Yes, malabo nga.

Rainier left early that night so he missed the draft for the varsity team. I’m sorry dude, you’re not on the roster. We made a lineup, wrote it down and designated a team captain. We made nicknames and emblems which we wrote on our left hands. Then we silently practiced our team yell (because there were still customers).

Here’s the final lineup:

Chino aka HotMoves
Benny aka Blankee B.
Padeys aka G.U.J.A.B !
Retz aka low_BALLZ 24
Jabez aka Alejandro
Joyce aka Dutchess of Doomz
Yell aka Frajelli SKa-Avenger
Nica aka La Toro Tora the Explorer (Team Captain)

Crossworrrrrrd…. YEY!

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