Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Opening Day: Parang Stock Exchange!

Our floor managers, Padeys and Yell

The CA Crew: Jabez, Joyce, Nica

Like all classic opening days, Cafe Antonio's debut was a "disastrous success!" It was a rainy day and the elements were against us as it "moisturized" our outdoor furniture. Minor setback. It was still 3pm and we would be starting at 4pm. Pastor Chito came to bless the place. We had a ribbon-cutting ceremony; my father, Nica's mom, and a few guests were there to grace the momentous occasion.

After the ceremony, we started operations at exactly 4pm and Nica, Joyce, and I went to our respective stations. A few minutes into the day, we lost power and water! Haha! We all just laughed at the irony! At least we know the emergency light works! After 5 minutes, everything went back to normal. Hordes and hordes of people came, like wildebeasts in the movie, The Lion King. We worked non-stop from 4pm to 9pm! Walang usap-usap!

We are all very thankful for the people who came. Our batchmates from Rural were there and a ton of our other friends and family also came. Yell and Padeys, were there to provide us assistance (they will be doing so for the whole summer).

It was overwhelming, that's all I can say. Right now, we're still at the cafe and we will be closing at 1am. We thank God for everything, this is certainly the work of His hands. We hope that we would be doing excellent service to anyone who would be visiting us. Sorry to Ate Faye, for the delayed drinks. Di na mauulit yun uli! Yeah, special mention ka!

Ayun,bisita lang kayo, and keep on supporting Cafe Antonio. Thanks thanks thanks guys, we love you all!!!

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