Sunday, April 20, 2008

Enjoy Cafe Antonio Coffee at Home

The Cafe Antonio Housblend is now available in 250-gram bags for only Php 250. Buy it in bean-form or we will grind it for you at our shop. All the coffee-based drinks in Cafe Antonio are made with the Houseblend.

What is a Houseblend? Here's an excerpt from my blog, The Coffee of Jabez (

Cafes are there for several reasons. One reason is that (if they're truly passionate about coffee) they want you to taste their houseblends. A houseblend is a mix of beans (arabica and robusta) that is unique to the coffeeshop. That means that every cafe has a different tasting houseblend. The blend may contain a 30:60 or 50:50 proportion of robusta to arabica beans or a mix of different arabicas from different places (example, 20% from Columbia, 30% from Sumatra, 50% from Brazil, etc.). A houseblend may contain about 3 to even 8 different beans. This creates a far-out experience for the coffee-drinker.

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  1. I've already link-exed CA blog to mine. ^^; God bless on your business.