Friday, April 18, 2008

Customer Celebrates Birthday at Cafe Antonio

Candy, Aldo, and Sherwin

Aldo, turns twenty-something...hehe


Iced Strawberry (Php 75)

Friday. Not much was expected from this time of the week since ELBI culture requires its people to rest after Thursday Gimik Night. And we thought that maybe people got over the Cafe Antonio hype and maybe its time to just stay home and watch TV or just sleep and save some money for the weekend. But God is good, as usual. The number of orders and customers was overwhelming! 12 am and the place was still full! We would like to say thanks to all our customers, friends, and family, what you have done for Cafe Antonio today was amazing.

A group with a very adorable baby came to visit the cafe that night. When we saw him we all went, "aaawww...ang cute ng baby!!!" Then we all went to him with our camera phones and took pictures. They were the only customers at that time, and they were very friendly, so the CA staff had a chance to talk with them. They told us that they were Ruralites, having heard that we sang a portion of the UPRHS hymn. Haha! They liked our place and the pasta. They were very appreciative indeed. Then they told us that they own the restaurant called Arla's, along Maahas. They gave us calling cards before they left. Thanks guys, please come again. We had a pleasant time with you!

A long lost batchmate graced the cafe that was Joyce Maloles! She had a tripod and a huge backpack with her, which was weird. Hehe. She now works with the AFP. Cool. We miss you Joyce, punta ka uli!

A couple minutes before midnight, a guy went to the counter and asked us if anyone of us can sing. He wanted us to sing Happy Birthday to his friend who would be turning twenty-something in a few minutes. We agreed, then we prepared a large blueberry muffin with whipped cream just for him, on the house! When the clock struck 12 we turned the music off and sang Happy Birthday while delivering the muffin. Happy birthday to you Aldo T. Lim! A touching moment indeed. Hehe.

The day turned out great. During our closing prayer, we had our friend, Mon; our batchmates Aaron, Fidel, and Retz; Joyce's cousin, Ate Marisse; and Nica's mom with us to thank God for another successful run. Please continue praying for us, the staff: Nica, Joyce, and I, that we would not get sick and that we may not lose heart in what we are doing. Your prayers and support are always appreciated and acknowledged. Thanks guys. Special thanks to the Bonita family. Your pastries are a hit! Thanks also for supporting Joyce in this endeavor of hers. God bless everyone.

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